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Friday, November 18, 2022

Just F**king START!

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This one’s for me.

And for those, like me, who are absolutely the world’s best at seeking perfection, or doing infinite research, or worrying about what other’s might say before putting yourself out there and trying anything new.

HINT: Those are all just lame excuses for you to stay nice and comfortable and stuck in exactly the same place you’re at right now.

That’s a bit of a contradiction don’t you think? You want to move forward, but are unwilling to, or you’re living in fear about what lies ahead (it’s amazing how the brain works).

Anyways….. here’s a super simple strategy that you CAN and SHOULD apply to anything to help you ultimately realise whatever you want in life.

And it works!

Are you ready?

Say you’ve got a goal, you’ve wanted it for years…. I dunno, let’s say it’s to lose 20lbs of excess around the waistline.

So what you gonna do about it?

There are some, like me (!!!) and perhaps you (???) that do incredible levels of research and thinking and analysing and strategising before they actually take any action.

“What should I eat?” “

When should I eat?”

“How often should I eat?”

“Should I eat a plant-based diet?”

“Should I eliminate dairy?”

“How about trying intermittent fasting?”

“What’s the best exercise for shifting the weight?”

“Should I join a gym?”

“Does my gym have the kind of equipment I’m looking for?”

Do you get the gist?

You end up in a complete tailspin. You confuse yourself on stuff that you don’t need to be an expert in, to get the desired result (i.e. lose the 20lbs of fat). We’re not sending a rocket to Mars here. It’s basic stuff.

You don’t need all the answers. Not now. Not ever!

In the digital world we live in (EXIST may be a better word for some, but that’s a different discussion or rant), knowledge and information (and BS opinions) are all too easily available at the click of the Google Search button and social media.

And it’s become our ‘go to’ excuse for creating confusion…. lack of clarity…. all driven out of the fear of doing something slightly different, and the ever-so-popular ‘that would never work for me!” attitude.

So what’s the answer?

Hey, I’m not saying that it’s true for every goal your aiming for, but for a good 99%+.

It’s pretty simple. Here it is….

Just F**ing START!

Take a positive action right now that'll help you on your way.

Doesn't matter how big or small that simple step is, just do it.

Just F**ing START!

Don’t write it down as a bloody ’to do’ for tomorrow.

Go do it NOW.

So…. you’re looking to lose that 20lbs?

Here’s what I’d do if I was looking to just f**king START:

  • Go for a brisk walk right NOW (exercise is a fantastic keystone habit when it comes to health and fitness). Raining outside? Put your coat on and just go!
  • Once you get home, chuck all the junk food in the trash. All of it! Need to do some research first on what you think is junk food in the house? Come on. You know what’s crap! Just f**king START!

All that research and procrastination is actually playing right into the hands of your reptilian brain…. the amygdala.

It wants comfort. It wants safety. It doesn’t want change. Its job is to keep you safe at all costs.

It’s quite happy with where you’re at right now thank you very much.

You must STOP feeding it.

Otherwise you’ll never move forward.

Just F**ing START!

It’s simple.

It works.

It’s my new commitment to ME.

What will you do?

Will you carry on doing everything in your power to STOP getting started?

Or will you use this short post as a reminder that change can never happen unless you operate at the edge of your comfort zone.

You can apply it to any goal or dream you have.

Just F**ing START!

Worry about the details later.

Hope it helps. Let me know by sending an email!
Talk Soon -- DG

P.S. Still considering what I wrote above, then ponder this….. “Moving 100mph in the wrong direction is better than standing still. At least you’re getting feedback”

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