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Saturday, November 19, 2022

Eliminate Your Chances Of Success

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A Life Less Than Spectacular

We are all born with genius within us. Yet most of us succumb to a life less spectacular. So with little pre-amble or unnecessary fluff for this site’s first post, here’s how you can also succumb to be spectacularly mediocre….

  • say yes to too many things
  • ​make excuses
  • ​stay up far too late
  • ​wake up far too late
  • ​eat crap
  • sit on your arse all day and avoid exercise
  • ​obsess over digital connection
  • ​check email first thing in the morning
  • ​work harder to fix being busy
  • ​buy things you don't have the money for
  • never question your habits
  • ​never question your beliefs
  • ​never living life by your values
  • ​allow far to dominate your life
  • ​always listen to what others tell you (to be doing, or how to live your life)
  • constantly change direction or strategy
  • ​choose instant gratification over all else
  • ​neglect relationships you take for granted
  • ​become naively overoptimistic when it comes to human nature
  • ​don't be mindful
  • react impulsively
  • ​lie to yourself
  • ​lie to others
  • ​surround yourself with bad influences
  • ​be in a negative (emotional and physical) environment
  • hide unwanted things in a mental fog
  • ​don't have clear audacious goals
  • ​avoid frightening things that stand in your way
  • ​sacrifice progress for expediency
  • ​participate in work gossip
  • afraid of being your own advocate
  • ​share good news with the wrong people
  • ​share bad news with the wrong people
  • ​stay within your comfort zone doing the same shit every day
  • ​think you can go it alone
  • ..... and one more.... always have a Plan 'B' (think Arnold Schwarzenegger)

Hardly exhaustive I know. But there’s enough there to stimulate your mind into your action. World class is a simple choice. But requires extreme discipline, dedication, obsession and a relentless attitude to never giving up….. however bad things may seem.

You’re Welcome

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